Felicity’s Surprise/Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

Events leading to writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence. Paul Revere. Thomas Jefferson’s education: video – jeffersons-pursuit-of-knowledge


Continental Congress in session:

Vocabulary and meaning of the Declaration

Felicity’s Surprise

Formal Gowns (click on Historic Threads)

Colonial Dance: (click on vodcast on the left)

Comparing colonial and our Christmas traditions and customs.

Cross Stitch:

Continuing working on the sampler.


1. Read Happy Birthday, Felicity

2. Talk to your parents about: What is happiness? When are we happy? (This is in connection with “the pursuit of happiness”)

3. Work on your sampler. You should be done with 2/3 of it by the next lesson.

4. Answer the questions on your sheet:

5. If you would like to make 1-2 min presentation for our Show and Tell, let me know. It can be but doesn’t have to be connected with our book or historical period.


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