Old Testament Week 8

Flood. Covenant with Noah. Curse of Canaan. Babel.

1. Living as Noah lived. Hbr 11:7 and 2 Peter 2:5

Culture trends of today and its counter culture remedies: culture of death (culture of life), relativism (there is only one truth and it is possible to know it), hedonism ( redemptive suffering), science and technology leading to atheistic view (moral life), fideism (faith and reason). Saints that were living counter culturally: St. Francis, Fr. Damien, Mother Theresa.

2. Flood as a type of baptism 1 Pet 3:19-22. 150 days of waiting. Similarities between promises of God to Noah and Adam. Re-creation. Covenant with Noah: seven colors of the rainbow.

3. Noah’s drunkeness. Table of the Nations.

4. Gen 11 – humanity’s rebellion: making a name (Shem) for themselves. Redeemed in Pentecost.


We have finished Early World studies and on Nov 12, 2012 you will write a 10 min test with about 20 questions picked from this list:

Old Testament Midterm test

OT Week 8- Lectio Divina 

Lectio Divina

Ps 42

Following JP2’s advise:

…it would be pleasant to meditate upon it with the musical background of Gregorian chant or with the polyphonic masterpiece of Palestrina, Sicut cervus.


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