Felicity Learns a Lesson/Stamp Act, John Adams, Boston Massacre and Tea Party

Meet Felicity & Felicity Learns a Lesson

1. Discussion about meaning of independence and loyalty. Comparing independence of countries, groups of people and individuals during 18th century in America and now. Independence of Felicity and Penny. Description of Penny’s fate.

2. Apprenticeship in colonial times. Ben’s apprenticeship. Occupations and trades in 18th century. Comparing to our times.

You can start playing an online educational game: Mission 1: For Crown or Colony?

3. Clothing in colonial America. The order of dressing for girls and women. Colonial paper dolls as an example: shoes, stays, pocket, hoops, petticoat, silk gown, stomacher, apron, mitts, cap.

Reasons and events leading toward Revolution:

1. The French and Indian War leaving British king George III in need of money. 1763 British government and the king start to pay attention to their American colonies. The need to defend western borders of the colonies implied sending more British troops to the colonies. American colonists want to explore westwards.

2. Taxes – Sugar Act, Stamp Act. Discussion about the role and purpose of taxes and its abuses, then and now.

3. 1770 – The Boston Massacre. John Adams’ court defense.

Paul Revere’s Boston Massacre

4. 1773 – The Boston Tea Party

5. Defining: Colony, Patriots (Merrimen family), Loyalists (Elizabeth’s family), Boycott.

Virtue: Temperance

Felicity temperance

Cross Stitch

Understanding the designs. Preparing canvas. Starting our projects.


1. Answer question 3 from previous week’s sheet. Answer all of the questions from “Loyalty” sheet.

2. Write synonyms to the vocabulary listed on Virtue: Temperance.

3. Read Felicity’s Surprise.

4. Work on your cross stitch. You should be done with 1/3 of it by the next lesson.

5. You can watch following episodes of Liberty’s Kids: The Boston’s Tea Party, The Intolerable Acts, United We Stand, Liberty or Death 


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