Meet Felicity/13 original colonies; French and Indian War

13 original colonies

Map work – Three groups of colonies: New England, Middle and Southern.

Colonies: similarities and differences based on (page 64-65):

I have read and explained how the ideas about every area of life were implemented and the girls would choose one they like the most using colonial structure- 3 ways of life chart. At the end they would see which colony they would likely to choose to live in. Only one ended up in the Southern colony and the majority would choose Middle colonies to grow up in.

French and Indian war

French settlers with Catholic missionaries were usually treated friendly by the Native American tribes. They have placed their forts strategically along rivers and lakes. Protestant British colonists were afraid that the disputed and unclaimed lands around Ohio River will end up in the possession of the French. After making an agreement with the Iroquois Confederacy they won with the French. Young Washington’s involvement.

Colonial Samplers

We have looked at few cross stitch samplers done in 18th and early 19th century by girls ages 9-12. We have learned the basics of cross stitching.


1. Answer points 1. and 2. on Felicity sheet:

2. Read Felicity Learns a Lesson

3. Practice cross stitching in a line.


1. Read any books on colonial life.

2. Start watching Liberty’s Kids cartoons. There are 40 episodes, each 30 min and they all match up with Felicity’s theme.


One thought on “Meet Felicity/13 original colonies; French and Indian War

  1. The map accompanying the French and India War shows a population of 15,000 for a vast area of French lands. Surely that number must only represent those of European descent? It says a lot that the map doesn’t bother to SAY that. The map is about the French and INDIAN War, yet doesn’t count the Indians? Typical, unfortunately.

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