Old Testament Week 6

1. Creation of Adam. His role and our role as a:

Son of God: glory of God; we are God’s children; kinship

Priest: Gen 2:15 – “to serve” and “to guard”; priest in the garden of Eden; we should sacrifice and offer our lives

King: Gen 1:26-28 dominion over living things; we should rule over ourselves, sin and Satan; if we don’t rule, we are slaves

Prophet : Gen 2:18-20 God gave Adam the right to name Gods creation; speaking on behalf of God; sharing God’s Word

Bridegroom: creation of a woman; Adam created to have a relationship with another person; communion

2. Plato’s cave:

Think about examples of shadows experienced as reality in our culture.


3. Homework: OT Week 6 and homework for Week 7


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