Old Testament Week 4

Week 4 – Creation Covenant

1. The Law and Historical books of the Bible test. You will pass this test weekly until you will get 100%. Spelling counts.

2. We have listened to an audio of Gen 1.

2. Genesis as a poetic narrative, not literal scientific explanation. Our primary question is  WHY, not HOW was the world created. Creation ex nihilo. 

Nothing is what rock dreams about. – Aristotle

3. Covenant with the Universe. Step by step drawing and reading of verses in Gen 1 based on “Bible Basics for Catholics” p.17

Elements to remember: 1. the actual drawing 2. position of time, space, life (habitat) 3. formless and void changing into form and inhabitants 3. creation as temple

4. Analysis of time. Time and space exist for the creatures, not for God. There is no space where God is not; there is no time where God is not. One eternal present.

It is inaccurate to say, “there are three tenses or time: past, present and future,” though it might properly be said, “there are three tenses or times: the present of past things, the present of preset things, the present of future things.”  – St. Augustine (The confessions: Book XI, Time and Eternity)

Lectio Divina

1. If you want to be familiar with the voice of God, you need to start reading your Bible. 🙂 We discussed the first quote from St. Jerome on the Lectio Divina sheet. If you want to learn more about St. Jerome, here is a short video from St. Paul Center For Biblical Studies:


OT Week 4- Lectio Divina and homework for Week 5 (Read St. Jerome’s quotes, but skip “A Ladder of Four Rings”)

Do Not Forget!

Exercise in self-knowledge. :-): During this week keep a journal of your time spent on different activities throughout the week:

Know Thyself – Time Spent on


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