Kaya’s Lone Dog

American Girl Historical Doll Kaya – Lesson 4

Kaya’s Lone Dog

1. Narration of the story.

2. Main theme: Friendship

3. Pantomimes and scenes presenting the Scriptures about friendship.

4. Native American string stories. We have learned few main figures which I already knew.

Here is the teepee that you can try:

Herbal Medicine:

For stuffed nose and sinuses: Crush fresh peeled garlic, put it on a spoon or cotton ball and sniff. 🙂 Breath deeply in. It works for most people.

Garlic Oil: Crush cloves of garlic (how ever much you want to make). Cover cloves with olive oil about 1 inch over the garlic. Let this stand for about 3 days, shaking daily. Don’t leave the garlic in the oil much longer than this. Strain the garlic from the oil with a coffee filter, cheesecloth or clean white cotton t-shirt. Store oil in a jar.

For ear aches and infection: Warm garlic oil to a comfortable temperature (you want to use warm garlic oil, but be sure it isn’t too hot!). Place 2-4 drops in the ear 2 or 3 times a day. Lie on your side for 5-10 minutes so the oil doesn’t run out.

First settlements

Label the map: Jamestown, Plymouth, St. Mary’s City.


1. Read Kaya Shows the Way.

2. Start memorizing your part of Hiawatha. You have two weeks.

3. Native American Project reminder: We have two weeks to finish our projects. This is optional and encouraged. 🙂 I’ll ask if anyone is doing ay project this week.


Map of Early US Settlements.


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