Old Testament Course Week 2

WEEK 2: Salvation History

Our guest speaker today was Dr. John Bergsma, who explained the whole Bible in one hour. :-0

Notes from the talk: Salvation History Dr. Bergsma

If you want to listen to it again, there is a Power Point presentation done by Dr. Bergsma called How to Get Through the Bible in an Hour:

Lectio Divina points from today:

1. Silence. Close your eyes and listen for at least one minute to the sounds you are surrounded with. What do you hear?

2. Practice one minute listening with closed eyes before each Lectio Divina this week. Find a place and time where you will not be distracted.

3. Reading slowly and attentively is the first step to good Lectio Divina. Speed reading and surface scanning will only tire your mind. Think about reading as biting the apple (as you did today), before chewing it (meditating).

Visual help from fatimakids.com:

OT Week 2- Lectio Divina and homework for Week 3


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