Kaya’s Escape

American Girl Historical Doll Kaya – Lesson 2

Kaya’s Escape

1. Narration of the book. Sequencing the events.

2. Preparing for Buffalo Hunt video:

Discussing cooperation of all individuals, technics used, preparation and actual hunt.

3. Discussing extensive usage of buffalo:



Recognizing Plain Indian Sign Language

Herbal Medicine

Chamomile – tea brewed 5-10 min under cover;

Used for eye infections: dip cloth or cotton ball in lukewarm chamomile tea and cover closed eyes for 10 min; for babies: wipe the closed eyelids, starting from the outer corner of the eye toward the inner corner; repeat twice daily;

For colds: drink twice daily, hot.

Sage – brew dried and crushed leaves for 10 min under cover or boil for 5 min, covered.

For soar throat: gurgle three or four times daily, five times, warm; at the end drink a small sip; do not eat or drink for about 20 min;

Printouts for this lesson:

1. Buffalo – use it while watching video #2, label each part or draw pictures accordingly

2. Native American Sign Language


1. Fill Kaya Living Close to the Land p.6

2. Read Kaya’s Hero

3. Finish labeling Buffalo usage, if you had no time during the class. Make sure that all of your writing or drawing is clear.

Additional Books:

Buffalo Before Breakfast, DK North American Indian, Native American Sign Language


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