Old Testament Course Week 1

Course schedule and resources: Old Testament Bible Class first semester Schedule, Resources and Week 1 Homework to be done before Week 1.

Week 1: What is the Bible? How was it written? Power of the Word of God

Main points from our lesson:

1. Who was forced to participate in this class?

2. What turns the world around?

I was born to be with you…

Baltimore Catechism: Why did God make you? God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven.

We live the way we live because really we do not believe in heaven. Medieval Memento mori. 

…only love can leave such a mark

What is love?

on the side: Why in many instances secular bands’ lyrics and music make more sense than Christian ones.

3. What you love determines what you become. Searching for wisdom, not for knowledge.

For where you treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matt 6:21

4. Catholics are not the ‘people of the book’ (CCC 108), but the ‘people of the Word’ that is eternally alive and ever loving…. Think often of Jesus being alive RIGHT NOW. Reading His Word is reading a love letter that is alive. Christianity is a relationship.

5. Revelation of God in Jesus transmitted through the Scriptures and Tradition. Example: two guys crossing hands (Tradition and Magisterium) and making a seat, one guy (Scriptures) sitting on the seat. During the history of the Church, when was the time when Christians didn’t have the Bible as we do now? Interrelationship of Bible, Tradition and Magisterium – faithful transmission of our deposit of faith throughout the generations. Development of the doctrine.

6. The nature of the Bible, as Jesus’ nature, is human and divine.

7. Why religion can’t be spoken of as a purely personal experience? 1. What it is? vs. What I think it is? Bible is written from God’s perspective.

Lectio Divina:

Explanation of Lectio, Meditatio, Oratio, Contemplatio.

Meditation: Wisdom 7:24-30

Questions to think about this week:

Who do I want to be? Why? How will I get there? What can I do today to get there?

Handouts – Lectio Divina and Homework sheets: Old Testament Bible Class first semester Week 2


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