Meet Kaya – Christopher Columbus

American Girl Historical Doll Kaya – Lesson 1

Meet Kaya

1. We watched Intro to Kaya

2. We viewed map with Native American nations. Located Nez Perce in contemporary northern Idaho.

3. Every girl was encouraged to pick a name for herself, based on her character or skills.

4. Narrated stories from Meet Kaya book.

5. Explored the virtue of Fortitude. Read and explained the first sentence from the CCC #1808 entry (words: fortitude, moral, virtue, firmness in difficulties, constancy in the pursuit of the good), giving examples from everyday life.


Two teams racing, pretending to be a bear, crab and a frog. Yep.

Herbal medicine

Onion syrup

Ingredients: 1 onion, 3 garlics, 2 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp. of honey, lemon juice

Chop onions, coat with sugar, add crushed garlic, honey and lemon juice. Pour enough water just to cover the ingredients. Cover and let it stand in a dark cool place for 6-12 h. Strain it and keep in a glass or ceramic container in the fridge up to three days.

For cold and cough – 1 tsp every four hours; To boost your immune system – 1tsp. daily; for children over one and adults

Christopher Columbus

1. Theory of the ice/land bridge between Asia and North America. Did Native Americans come from Asia?

2. Discovering America before Columbus: St. Brendan, Vikings.

3. Watched first few minutes of America before Columbus:

The whole documentary is worth watching.

4. Europe in the late 15th century. Established trade routes with the East and a question of finding a way to connect with the Indies going West.

5. Christopher Columbus’ Catholic faith, patience and persistence in dealing with Queen Isabel of Spain. First trip and success. Watched the clip of landing at San Salvador:

6. And finally we’ve played The Columbian exchange game. Yes, Europeans didn’t know what a potato was until 16th century and peanuts came from the New World. The winning team got candy from the Old World (Poland).

printouts for this lesson:

1. Kaya Course plans:

Kaya ad-2-1

2. Kaya – Learning from the Elders (page 7)

3. Virtue Fortitude (above)

4. Map: The Voyage of Christopher Columbus 1492 from Map Trek U.S. Edition

6. Landforms


1. Fill “Kaya – Learning from the Elders” sheet

2. Write synonyms for the vocabulary words in the first sentence of the Virtue Fortitude sheet: fortitude, moral, virtue, ensures, firmness, constancy, pursuit.

3. Cut and paste pictures in the Landform sheet

4. Draw a line on the map showing the First Voyage of Christopher Columbus.

5. Read Kaya’s Escape

Additional Books to read:

D’Auleire: Leif the Lucky, Pocahontas, Columbus – here is the Unit Study for the Columbus book; 

Columbus cartoon

Older kids:

1. Unit 1 Chapter 1 in US History Course

2. Article Honoring Christopher Columbus by Warren Carroll. Columbus was convinced that God had chosen him to reach that land, hidden from the Western world for ages, which the Roman philosopher Seneca had once prophesied would be revealed. His discovery would bring the Catholic Faith, to which he was devoted, to the people who lived in that land.

Movie: Christopher Columbus (1949) – free streaming on Netflix


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