Moving experience

Moving experience – take it literally and fundamentally.

These are just some pictures from our move, which happened little over 2 weeks ago. We’ve ordered 16 feet truck, they gave us 26 feet long truck.

new trip

One hour after we left, a trailer which was pulled behind a truck started to wiggle around. I was driving behind Keith in our van. Suddenly the trailer’s  tire blew up and the pieces of rubber were flying 20-30 feet in the air. Keith did not even notice, although all of the vehicles were pulling off the lane, I had to call Keith to tell him that he need to pull over. The tiniest town 1 mile later had one convenient shop with an used tire for $20. Quick job, and about 30 min later we were on the road again.

new tire

We’ve stopped at some hotel, where our cats pooped on Keith’s clothes at night. Later that day we’ve lost one cat, bc Keith decided to let it go, hoping that the scared kitty will stay close by. Snowball’s instincts took over and he disappeared in the darkness of the forest nearby and only the smell of turkey sandwich lured him back.

new state

The last hour of the trip was very pleasant, driving through the hills of Ohio, seeing cattle, horses goats and sheep in the pastures… When we arrived, many people from the neighborhood and Franciscan University came to help us to unload, which was done in an unbelievably short time, 45 min or so. The house we stay in is an undeserved blessing and I am expecting many people to come and stay with us.

new house

new kids 🙂

And the greatest backyard you can get… with a tree fort!!!

new tree fort


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