We have moved…

3/5 of the family by the Franciscan University sign

…to Steubenville, OH!!! Keith is enrolled in a Grad Theology at the Franciscan University and, as always, there is a story behind this totally unexpected MajorChange. But the story must wait for another time. It was one of the suddenlies of God that moved us. Yes, we drove our track and van, but it felt like we were just following the pillar of fire which was moving quite speedily forward and we had to focus and make decisions appropriately in order not to be left behind. This is the culmination (or the beginning) of our come back to the Catholic Church, which took place officially last Easter.

Steubenville is a small town with nothing in it except Franciscan University, and it’s located on the eastern side of Ohio state, approx. 40 miles from Pittsburgh. Lovely hills bring desired change of landscape and the lifestyle is not as dull here as you would expect, in fact quite contrary. The reason? Franciscan University – full of passionate people who love the Lord and desire to serve Him only. It is not only a school, but a community infusing God’s grace and healing as well as His knowledge and wisdom. So far, we all love it!!!


One thought on “We have moved…

  1. Wow! You really moved???? I’m so happy for you. I hear such wonderful things about that school. We will pray for you.

    Nancy, Dan and Madison

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