Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is coming. In Poland we have a tradition of bringing palms to the church on Sunday. Some people make them themselves, which is easy as the willow catkins are everywhere by then:

Kids are making them:

Some palms are made and ready to buy on the main squares and streets of the cities, towns and villages.

In some areas in Poland there is a competition for the tallest standing palm.

The palms are blessed and should be kept until next year’s Ash Wednesday when they are burned and used for the ashes. In the past peasants would put the palms on teh edges of their fields for protection from the hail, frosts, floods and droughts.

If you want to have your table decorated with plenty of greenery for Easter, you need to plant rzezucha (Lepidium Sativum, Garden Cress,) on Palm Sunday. Put the seeds on paper towels or cotton soaked in water and you will see this in 7 -10 days:

You may sprout it in different shapes and sizes:

Another greens used for decorating palms, Easter basket on Great Saturday and for the Easter table in Poland is bukszpan (Boxwood), which is an evergreen and can grow for hundreds of years, therefore symbolizes everlasting life and hope of resurrection.


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