TOG road map

This year we are using Tapestry of Grace Year 3 .  It’s been wonderful. Here is a little road map to the Humanities covered in this curriculum. Click on it to view bigger size.



2 thoughts on “TOG road map

  1. Hi! I saw your question about IEW vs Writing Aids at the TOG Forum. IEW is wonderful! It addresses all of your concerns. You have a 100% money back guarentee at any time. You can double check this at the web site. There is a yahoo group for support. There are also DVDs that you can buy where Andrew teaches the kids and he’s a lot of fun. I could not get Writing Aids to work. But IEW has given my kids the tools they need to become good writers. On my blog, I have a category called “Writing” where I have gone in a little more detail about the program.
    Laurie (lahbluebonnet)

  2. Hi again! I don’t use Writing Aids at all. I have it but it is not enough for us. We use strictly IEW. I either use a writing idea from TOG or one of my own. I’ve written about this, all scattered, throughout my blog. In the right hand column it shows what we are currently doing with writing. Since we are in TOG Y3U3, my kids are doing a super essay (IEW) on Abraham Lincoln (using other books that I have, they are linked in the column) but we are on topic with TOG. In Y3U2 we used IEW methods to write a research paper comparing the American Revolution and Texas Revolution. You can see the results of that in our Y3U3 Celebration, which is a few entries down the front page. I have TOG friends who use the IEW DVDs the first year or two, for learning the basics. That is the easiest way. Then they either use the methods with the TOG writing assignments or they get one of the correlated IEW history sources to base their writing on. I have a 15yod and 13yos. We’ve been using both TOG and IEW for 3 years now. Like TOG, I think IEW is worth the expense. IEW also has an yahoo group to buy used curriculum. However, from what I hear, there is rarely anything there to buy because most people love the product so much. =) Check the web site and see if Andrew is coming to a bookfair near you. If not, there should be an IEW rep coming to your bookfair and they usually have the DVDs running, sometimes hold a session and put you through the process, etc.

    Laurie (lahbluebonnet)

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