Today is the first Sunday of Advent, and my family, like every year, will gather every night to ponder the miracle of Jesus among us. The kids will do Jesse tree project, we will sing Advent songs, read the daily Scriptures and a book. We will start celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve, not before then.

My advice to make Advent meaningful:

1. Don’t put Christmas tree or sing carols before Christmas Eve.

2. Don’t buy more than one gift per person, give the spear money to those who really need them (like to my friends adopting Aiden, a boy with Down syndrome from Ukraine), but most of all give presence.

3. Celebrate St. Nick’s day (that’s why you are hanging your stockings for anyway…St. Nicholas is the one who is supposed to fill them with some sweets) with your kids, reminding them, who he really was.

4. Have Advent evenings with your family underlining Jesus’ first and second coming as the reason of this time.

Websites about Advent:

Advent is the season before Christmas

Daily Advent activities

Advent and Christmas Unit Study

Advent Conspiracy

Jesse Tree tradition


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