Teah wanted to do timeline for Tapestry of Grace. I made one. This is for Y3 U1 (1700-1850), but can be used for any curriculum. It’s 6 sheets, blue for 1700′, green for 1800. Click on the pictures below to go to pdf version and print them.



I’ve made these on Google documents spreadsheets.

I’ve generated url pdf, converted it to jpg (using zamzar.com) to post it here.


2 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Hi,
    I really like your timeline template. Is there some way I can get a copy that I can change dates and colors to keep going with it? The pdf I got from your site won’t allow me to make any changes. We are starting at Year 2 Unit 4 and plan to keep going with TOG. I like your color coding centuries idea. I also like the 5 year increments and lines for writing info and dates. Thanks for any help you can offer. I hate to reinvent the wheel when you have already done such a beautiful job!

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