birthday and gas

No. These two are not connected, although could be…

We were invited to a surprise birthday party, for our friend, Kari. We dressed up (which is a rare occasion unfortunately) and we went to enjoy the evening.

I wanted to do something fun for the entrance of the birthday girl (like throw her up in the air 30 times), but the majority of Americans there looked at me like I came from the moon or from another country. “Surprise!!!!” was IT. Maybe next year…. The party was great. The food was good. The live (!!!) music was special. I think I ate half of the whipped cream for the strawberries.

We headed home.

Right after crossing the entrance, we smelled some kind of gas… Called the gas-special-guy.with the yellow gadget who after surveying the whole in- and out- decided that we will live and we should just open the windows wide for the whole night. We finally got inside at about 11:30 or so and went to sleep. It was cold. Our bunny survived the gas and the cold.


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