Finally, my Tapestry of grace curriculum arrived. The first package was lost, and they had to mail me another one…

We will do Year 3 this year, since we’ve done history/literature until the 1800s before. I am so thrilled to start using this great resource, because for the last 2 years, I was hoping to be able to purchase it. This year, one of my friends (hugs to you) sponsored the whole Year 3 bundle for all of us. I almost cried.

The package finally came last night and I am totally immersed in it. I am reading everything, trying to figure out scheduling (although we started homeschooling at the end of August) again. I never thought I would be so thrilled by exploring CURRICULUM !!!!!!

So… here we go, officially starting TOG finally.


One thought on “TOG

  1. Hi Iwona
    So glad you can get started:)
    My advice….read EVERYTHING in each unit to start out with. There are things that seemed tucked away that apply to upper grammar students. i.e. you’ll be reading along and it’s giving instructions for rhetoric or dialectic so you think you can skip over it but tucked in between there will be a section like ART which will apply to upper grammar as well. I accidentally missed somethings because of this.

    Also, you may have seen this but there are many TOG yahoo groups that post very helpful information and websites that others have used.
    Just do a search on TOG yahoo groups. And of course TOG website under each year and unit is very helpful as well.

    I finally am passed the 4 wk “fog” they talk about. It’s getting easier to use the curriculum and I really like it. Thanks for recommending it!


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