Mc Cain Palin rally

our family at the McCain - Palin rally

Growing up in a Communist country, and being now an American citizen, this is my second time I can vote in the USA. That’s why my whole family went today to a rally in Lee’s Summit, MO to support John McCain and Sarah Palin.

the crowd

the crowd

I grew up in a Communist, Eastern European country, during 70-ties and 80-ties. We longed for freedom of choice, for validation of our individual voices, for freedom of speach. I am an American now. I will be voting for the second time. I am Christian. And I am shocked seeing how Christians in this awesome country, are making choices based on pure convenience and personal interest. I still can’t believe that the followers of Jesus, who should follow ten Commandments, are even considering voting for a person who is so bluntly (although charmingly) pro-abortion. What happened to their conscience?

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

That’s why this Election Year in our homeschooling household, I am trying to teach my children (11, 9, 5) that their choice matters and it is precious. It will be noticed by God and by their fellow citizens. It will be engraved in their conscious forever, so they need to be aware of what the candidates are saying, believing in and living for. We talk about what is most important in life, how to prioritize your political choices, and according to what standards they should be aligned.



As we walked just two weeks ago around the Mall in Washington DC, we saw the sign engraved on the Korean War Memorial Wall: Freedom is not free. Somehow that took me back to my childhood, when I remember my grandfather longing for a free country, and dying not seeing it. I remember decade after decade without any prospects for political independence. I remember demonstrations on the streets, people dissapearing suddenly, schools full of propaganda, fear and ridicoulousness. I remember that a life of a person was considered nothing in comparison to the collectiv needs of masses. How could I vote against life of the speechless? That’s why I’d rather see USA as one nation under McCain, then one nation under Obama.

Freedom is not free

Freedom is not free

I want my kids to hear that over and over again, so they will not take their choices lightly, when they grow up and one day will be offered an opportunity to choose the next president of the United States.

kids for McCain

kids for MCCain - Palin

It was Teah’s real birthday day. She shook the hands of Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin and was briefly interviewed by a local TV station.

Teah being interviewed

This was definitely homeschooling at it’s best!

On the technical side: why was the building so small? It could fit hardly 3,000 people and few thousands were still waiting outside.

And for the Hillary’s supporters: there was a Hillary Clinton supporter speaking (sorry, don’t remember the name) who decided to vote for Palin this year. Guess why…

CNN clip from Sarah Palin’s speach.

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One thought on “Mc Cain Palin rally

  1. I always find it strange when people focus soley on issues such as abortion, when the United States has recently lost close to one million lives overseas. The Bible’s no kill commandment applies to all walks of life — and I would guess that fully conscious, fully functioning, fully loved and intertwined lives would be foremost, if one is to be preferred over another. I understand disliking the concept of abortion, but I find it sad when this notion eclipses all else.

    Also, I know my parents “encouraged” very specific morals and ideals on me. Looking back, I wish I had permitted / left pathways open for me to explore life with less bias. The decisions I’ve come across on my own are now those I value most.

    Apologies in advance, if my thoughts find themselves on unwelcome ears. I randomly stumbled into your blog (googling pictures of hail), and was reminded of my family. Best wishes. – Random Googler

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