the Mall at Washington DC

We drove for 17 h, seven of us (2 guys from Poland and our family), and arrived at my friends, Magda & Ron’s house, on the afternoon. Had big dinner and slept well. The next day, after kids swim, we headed to the Mall. We walked from Washington Monument toward Lincoln Mausoleum. The weather was perfect.

Washington Monument - view from The Lincoln Memorial

I must say, that Washington DC is the first American city that impressed as much as Moscow did long time ago. I would say that the vastness of space, lots of historical and patriotic, symbolical spots, make the Mall one of my favorite “city places” in the USA.

It was wonderful to be there, especially that we will study a lot of American history this year.

Keith by the Washington Monument

two colors of Washington Monument

The Washington Monument looks much shorter when you stand by it. It does have two different shades of the bricks.

our group by Washington Monument, Capitol on the far right

The WW II Memorial is very peaceful and solemn. Kevin was reading the writings on the walls. The fountains make you calm and reflective.

WWII Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial impressed me more than anything else. It has a character. There is nothing else but the giant Lincoln sitting in front of you, and fragments of his speeches engraved on both sides of the Memorial. Kevin wanted me to read all of it to him. Quite inspiring.

our group on the steps of Lincoln Memorial

Sophie with her American daddy in front of Lincoln Memorial

The Korean war memorial has a writing, which I never new about: Freedom is not free.

Freedom is not for free - Korean War Memorial

The Vietnam wall is much smaller than I thought.

Teah by the Vietnam Wall

names of the people on the Vietnam Wall

Other observations:

people are walking!!!!! Walking everywhere they can!!! (not that many fat people in the center of Washington DC) The architecture is great. My hunger to see something else than McDonalds and King Burgers on every corner, was satisfied by the enormous buildings, almost each of them important and significant. You could breath the history in…

sunset at the Mall

walking was awesome

We walked around for about 3 h or so, then came home for a great big dinner.


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