MajorChange curriculum for 08/09 – costs

Sophie – K:

Singapore Math – $24 (consumable):

Handwriting – $9 (consumable):

Phonics – Starfall (online) – printing paper:

Kevin – 3rd grade:

Singapore math – $18 (consumable):

Handwriting – $9 (consumable):

Spelling – Paideia Classics (online) – printing paper:

Scott Foresman Grammar (online) – printing paper, binders:

Teah – 5th grade:

Singapore math – $34 (2 consumable):

Easy Grammar & Daily Grams – $72 (2 consumable):

Handwriting – $9 (consumable):

Spelling – ???

For all to use:

Bible – this year’s focus: Epistles – printing paper, binders

Polish Language – notebooks

Music – printing paper, binders

Apologia Elementary Science plus science kit – $75 + binders, printing paper

Tapestry of Grace Year 3 (includes history, geography, literature, writing, art, church history, government, will be used twice more for all the kids) – $ 295 + binders, printing paper

Necessary reference and literature books for Tapestry of Grace (we will use these many times throughout the years):

multi-years ($59 if bought new):

multi-units ( $24 if bought new):

I hope to use a lot of books from the local library.

Total: $ 627

Plus school supplies (glue, tapes, markers, pencils, paints, scissors, paper, printer cartridges, binders, folders, pens etc.)



Dance: don’t know exactly yet, but probably 2 ballet lessons a week plus 1 jazz lesson a week – $110 monthly

Violin lessons – about $80 monthly, plus $18 violin rent-to-buy monthly fee


Sports: $40/70 monthly


Dance: $30 monthly

Plus they would like to take some lessons in Good Shepherd Academy

We need a miracle!!!


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