museum day

We visited Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art today to get some “culture” into the kids system. We’ve seen variety of art pieces (paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, you know… like in the museum) from different regions and times.

The kids were making fun of all of the “nakedness” exposed as something to be valued, cherished, looked upon and studied for the generations to come. Actually, Teah was disgusted, Kevin was laughing like crazy, Sophie was observing from every possible angle and then whispering something to Kevin. They’ve got educated, for sure.

Teah was amazed at some modern pieces ( the ones with huge black square on the dark brown background, or one small apple floating on the green background), and decided that to become a modern artist, you don’t need that much talent, and even less creativity.

Even I was amazed at the European Photography exhibition. I see better photography art on flickr, for sure… ( just joking…. or maybe not???)

It was interesting to see that they can recognize the characteristic art pieces representing different centuries, cultures and forms. Teah was liking Impressionists again and when my American husband ( her dad) asked if she knew what abstract art was, she looked at him with a dismay and answered:

Daddy, I knew what abstract art was when I was 6!

We ventured around the Museum’s grounds, finally having a spontanious picnic with crackers and chips, and observing the little chipmunk.

Then we spent about 2h in the Barnes and Nobles, just relaxing and having a good family time.


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