Tapestry of Grace

After many years (well, 3 or 4) of searching for the Curriculum that will fit our family (that I would like, kids will enjoy, somewhat classical, somewhat Charlotte Mason, literature rich, possible to teach 3 kids at the same time, Christian based), I am set for Tapestry of Grace. I like many things about it.

  • 4 year rotation
  • Bible/Christian rich
  • Great books
  • I can pick and choose, flexibility
  • Once I buy each year for the first four years, I reuse it with every child in 4 years rotations.
  • It does not teach American History for 8 years!!!! (instead, it gives the understanding of the flow of the historical events throughout the ages)
  • It covers: History, Church history, Literature, Geography, Fine Arts, Government, Philosophy, Writing & Composition. So I need to add only Math, Science and Grammar in older years, and in younger Phonics and Spelling, Math.
  • It’s not only a plan of study, but rather evolving way of learning how to study.
  • I learned in a very similar way in my Elementary and High School (Communism had a good free education)
  • I love it.

Now I just need to get the money!

Below are the 3 weeks samples for the curious ones:


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