photo by Anke

Lots of people over the weekend, from Ukraine, St.Louis and Houston. Lots of fun for the kids.

I am trying to declutter homeschooling stuff. Wish me luck. Amazing how much one student can accumulate. There is a law in MO, that we have to keep their “portfolios” form all the years, until they are 16, I guess. I can’t imagine how much is that gonna be over 11 years of homeschooling for each child. For now I have one big box (that’s Teah’s 5 years and Kevin’s 3 years of homeschooling career).

I am already done with the clothes. I think I had about 2 huge black garbage bags to give away. And…I did give them away, they are not sitting in my garage!

After that I will target every bedroom and hopefully every other possible place, except garage (too hot and humid) I hate clutter. This is FlyLady advice about decluttering. She says, do 1 h every day, but I can’t. I throw all the “junk” in the middle and then go through it systematically, until I can’t look at it anymore. Then I have a tea.

I wanted to do it since last year, and if I don’t start now, I will never finish before the new homeschooling year comes. I will see if I have guts to do a garage sale.


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