Friday: friends from St. Louis with their kids arrived for 3 nights: 3 adults, 5 kids. The kids played, loud. The adults talked, long. Someone spotted 2 snap turtles in our ditch. My American husband was trying to catch one for all to admire, but the turtle was smarter.

Saturday: More play, more talking. No hot water, and 5 adults+8 kids trying to get ready for the wedding. Some bravely took cold showers, some splashed in a tub filled with 3 in of warmed up water. We were not even late for the wedding. Panke was getting married to Rachel. Miracles happen. For Nate, that is.

Sunday: church ( Lou Engle on fasting ), grill with more friends (2+2), worship set at IHOP, packing kids bags for the camp. Couldn’t find flashlight and Kevin’s Bible. Evening visit with more friends (1+2). Kids go nuts.

Monday: Sophie off to another VBS. Lunch. Teah and Kevin and the other kids off to the camp. They tell me one million times to take care of the bunnies, while they are gone. Took Sophie to the library, came home at about 2pm and took a nap. American husband took Sophie to Chucky Cheese. Then I finished “Escape”. It’s so quite. Amazing.


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