tornado watch

Tornado season started. Last night we had a tornado watch for few hours and eventually a tornado alert for about 30 minutes. The kids got scared, I did not pay to much attention at the beginning, writing another blog post, but when we heard a siren go on, I looked outside.

10 minutes earlier there was a terrible storm hauling, lightning, thunders etc. But after the siren, everything kind of stopped, became very calm, just slightly raining. It felt like the air pressure was changing slightly. The kids got the flashlight, kerosene lamp, their money, bunnies and 3 bandages with them to the basement.

I looked on the alert weather on the computer. It was flashing red ward ALERT. I started to think, maybe there is something going on, really. I told my American husband to get out of the bathroom and get to the basement. Teah cried, Kevin prayed, Sophie asked if we gonna die. American husband finally came to the basement. Teah was upset that she left her violin, Kevin was upset about his Lego. I’ve heard the strange sound like thumping on the ground, Keith though it was just a train (but we never hear the trains).

My friend told me today that this is exactly how you hear a tornado. I’ve read some comments posted in KC news, and few people said that that was not only a severe storm, that the sounds of whistling and hauling were heard.

Click on the picture above to read more news and watch a video.

We are alive. 20 minutes in a basement gave my kids an idea, what is really important in life.

Guess what we will study today?


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