What’s on your fridge

When I first visited USA in 1991 I was mesmerized by the refrigerators being “decorated” by various items. It seemed like a “story wall”. I’ve never seen this tradition or however you want to call it before.

This is what’s on mine in April 2008( it changes every few months), and I promise I did not make it just for this picture :-):

Dana’s gang (Keith’s sister) from Baton Rouge. We wish we could see them more.

Fitness schedule for the Gym, which we rarely use. It is a reminder for my American husband that the place called Gym exists and is calling his name. For me it is a rather an unimportant piece of paper hanging there. Every time I put it somewhere else, it emerges again on the same spot few days later, so I guess it is important.

Champion’s clan. We met in Qatar (Persian Gulf). They were the worship leaders in a local Christian fellowship. They sort of adopted us there, opened their house to us, helped us so many times in whatever we needed, but most of all, became really good friends, which in a place like Qatar was a blessing. For some time now, John (father) and Chris (youngest son) are battling the cancer. You can visit their website to learn about their courage and journey on this trial.

Teah got this note holder for me. I use it to write shopping lists. Very useful.

My 3 cousins, living now in Syria. Amina, Magda, Miriam. I miss them and don’t know much about their fate.

The Stones, Lois, Steve and Jeremy. We met them in California, they invited us to stay at their house after barely knowing us for 2 days or so, took us to a vacation in the California mountains, visited us in Kansas City. They encouraged us while we needed it the most.

Gosia Olszewska and her family. Gosia’s husband, Frank was one of the first street preachers I ever heard in my native city, Wroclaw. He went to be with the Lord not long ago, she is still a sign of wonder to be the brave widow, still serving as a leader in Christian community in Wroclaw.

Balassi family. Where to start… We’ve met while living in St. Louis, MO waaaay back in 1995. They were the worship leaders of a team from St. Louis Vineyard, which came twice to Moscow with Randy Clark and lead worship in Russian. They visited us in Russia and Poland, helped us more than 100 times, made to reconsider many ways of life, showed me the way of homeschooling, living faithfully and serving the people around them. They should make a web site and share their stories.

One of many Sophie’s creations which end up usually on the fridge doors for the by-passers to admire her gifting.

What’s on your fridge?


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