tea freaks

for Joyce

I have one friend who is crazy about tea, tea parties, tea sets, tea bags, tea ceremonies, tea cards. Since tea is still the most popular drink in Eastern Europe ( I think), here you go, all of you tea freaks. The best “tea stuff” from Poland.

The most known Polish custom and hand made, hand decorated ceramics come from Boleslawiec. They make very well known and popular tea sets plus other stoneware. Explore this site above to see the patterns, painting techniques and galleries.

Just to let you know. When I grew up, we drank tea like people drink water in USA. (There is a Camomile tea even for babies. And yes, they love it.) And we drank hot tea in glasses, without handles (picture above). Go figure. Few cups a day. Many people like it with lemon. Very few people are fond of tea with milk.

I can’t believe I am writing about tea. I’d rather write about Teah.
Next time I will tell you about tea in Russia.

One thought on “tea freaks

  1. Iwona,
    You SOOOO Cracked me UP with all this.
    Thank you~~~!

    Well I don’t have one single “Polish tea cup or tea item” I guess I need to get on that. Or maybe one day I can go to Poland with you and have TEA! That would be fun. Can we pass through Prague too?
    I can’t wait to hear about the Russian tea thing…..I miss you! This makes me sad that we can’t be near each other and drink tea and laugh with our American husbands. Oh..I’m American too!
    Well….by birth and all that is. I am European in my heart as you know. :~)
    Love Joyce

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