chronological studies


I like to make them. I try to keep up with the plans, but their purpose is to organize, not to control. I don’t make the lesson plans for the whole year in advance. I just know that we want to finish given subject/book/curriculum for the particular year. Some things might be done in May, some in June.

It is so hot and humid in MO during summer, that during the last two summers kids were so bored, they ASKED to “do school”. In the spring time, which is April/May and during the early fall, which is September/October we are trying to be outside as much as possible. That’s why our “school breaks” are scattered throughout the year.

chronological studies

Our approach is rather eclectic, although we will follow a history – chronological model, with a Charlotte Mason, classical approach, literature based. If you ask me about what would be the best comprehensive curriculum based on these choices, I would say: Tapestry of Grace. It is my dream to be able to purchase and start to implement it into our studies.

As for the chronological order, so far we’ve studied: (additions to “normal” core subjects)

2005/06: Old Testament; Ancient World

2006/07: The Gospels; Medevial Ages, Renaissance; Astronomy;

2007/08: Acts of the Apostles, Epistles, Revelation; US Early History, History of Poland; Botany

Based on these choices we form our literature picks also.

This is the shortest possible explanation of the year by year studies we do.


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