new bunny

We got a new bunny. Another Polish dwarf, we hope (don’t know much about bunnies…). This time a girl, black with white neck and front paws and a stripe on her head. She is cute.


After a long debate we picked a name: Elisabeth. The other names considered were: Domino, Kropka, Oreo, Panda. Sophie was the ‘last word” person to name our new pet, because she never had a chance before to name a pet just as she wants.

The other bunny we have, we bought thinking it was a girl. Well, it wasn’t. (either the pet shop seller did not know bunnies well enough or just wanted to get rid of a boy bunny; not mentioning Keith who forgot to look under the beasts tail before he bought him; not even making any comments on the whole family who had a boy bunny for good 6 mo or so thinking it’s a girl; is that good homeschooling or what?) Teah named him (her) Szarusia, which in Polish means Grayish. When we learned that it was a boy, we had to change the name into Szarus, because in Polish we have genders for everything, so that’s why the name has a different ending. (by the way, I’ve heard that Polish is the second hardest language to learn by English speakers; after Chinese; that’s why Poles REALLY do appreciate if someone makes an attempt to learn it)

Why bunnies? They are: cute, friendly, playful, easy to keep, cuddly, cheap to take care of.


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